FlagIn Room No1 at the Imperial Palace on the 6th September 1941 the cabinet of Japan detailed to Emperor Hirohito the reasons to take military action to obtain raw materials denied them by foriegn countries including the United States, Britain and Holland.

At the end of the meeting the President of the Privy Council, Yoshimichi Hara said,

“Starting now, we will perpare for war.”

For only the second time in Emperor Hirohito’s life he broke the Imperial Silence at a council of state. He was not present to participate but he  stood and read a poem from his grandfather:.

All the seas everywhere

are brothers to each other

Why then do the winds and waves of strife

rage so throughout the world ?

The cabinet did not heed the emperors words and decided, if President Roosevelt did not lift the oil embargo on Japan, the Pacific Territories of the United States, Britain and Holland would be attacked.

Cause of War 

Cause of War - South-East Asia was of great importance to the world because of the natural resources that Malaya possessed. In 1939 Malaya produced 40 per cent of the worlds rubber and nearly 60 per cent of its tin, most of this went to America.



Convoy William Sail 12X 

Convoy William Sail 12X - The 18th Division sailed from Halifax on American Liners before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour by Paul Morrell



Malaya and Singapore 

Malaya and Singapore - This task of capturing Malaya and Singapore was given to General Yamashita and his Twenty-Fifth Army, the British did not think an attack on Singapore could be made through the virgin jungle of Malaya.




Tomforce - Covers the Tomforce counter attack on ‘Swiss Hil’l, Singapore, on the 11th February 1942 - by Ross Wood



Hell Ship 

Hell Ship - Singapore Maru by A.G. James



Hell Ships 

Hell Ships - built using a database of ships, departures and boats sunk by Ron Taylor



Hong Kong 

Hong Kong - The invasion of Hong Kong as seen through the eyes of James McHarg Miller.




Canadian’s in Hong Kong - A final paper by Terri-Anne



Far East Prisoner of War 

Far East Prisoners of War - Working under conditions so appalling with no one to ask for help, some men just gave up and died as there did not seem any hope of survival.



Regiments involved in the Far East 

Regiments involved in the Far East - Many different regiments were involved in the Far East campaign. The Cambridgeshires and Norfolks are written about in detail here. Any information on others will be added.



Burma Campaign 

Burma Campaign - The tide suddenly turned and the Allies found the Japanese could be defeated.



Despatches and Reports


After the war the commanders of the operations in the Far East, released their despatches and reports. These make interesting reading and are included as essential to any person researching the facts as seen in the commanders eyes.



Gallant and Distinguished Services 

Gallant and Distinguished Services - London Gazette



Pownalls Report 

Pownall’s Report - by Lieut.-General Sir Henry Pownall



Far East 

Operations in the Far East, Oct 1940 - Dec. 1941 - by Sir Robert Brooke-Popham



Force 'Z' 

Loss of HM Ships Prince of Wales and Repulse - by Sir Geoffrey Layton



Hong Kong 

Hong Kong - by Major-General C.M Maltby M.C



Wavell Report 

Operations in Malaya and Singapore - by General A.P. Wavell



Operations Malaya Command 

Operations Malaya Command - by Lieut.-General A.E. Percival



Malaya and NEI 

Malaya and Netherlands East Indies, Dec. 1941 - Mar. 1942 - by Air-Vice Marshall Sir Paul Maltby



Battle of the Java Sea 

Battle of the Java Sea, 27th Feb. 1942 - Various



Burma Dec. 1941 to May 1942 

Operations Burma, Dec. 1941 to May 1942 - by General A.P. Wavell




Air Operations Burma, January-May 1942 by Air Marshal Stevenson




Operations Eastern Theatre - Based on India, Mar-Dec 1942 - by General A.P. Wavell



Operations India Command 

Operations India Command, Jan to June 1943 by General A.P. Wavell



Indo-Burma Based on India, June to Nov. 1943 

Indo-Burma Based on India, June to Nov. 1943 - by Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck



Thaliand-Burma Railway 

Thailand-Burma Railway - by Major Cyril Wild




War Diary - by Admiral Sir Geoffrey Layton





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