Cambridgeshires in the Far East 

Cambridgeshires in the Far East - Originally formed in June ,1939, the 2nd Battalion finally became a separate entity when embodied on 1st September of that year; it was not ,of course , purely a battalion of new recruits, for with the reorganisation of the Regiment on a geographical basis those companies of the1st Battalion which existed in the northern half of the county were transferred over to the 2nd .

by David Langton



Foresters on Singapore 

Foresters on Singapore - In the late October of 1941 men of the 1/5th Battalion the Sherwood Foresters sailed from Liverpool aboard a converted P&O liner, the troopship Orcades, for an unknown destination. The 1/5th Foresters along with the 1st Battalion the Cambridgeshires and the 5th Battalion Beds and Herts, formed one of the three Brigades of the British 18th Division, 55 Brigade. They were in fact at that time destined for the Middle East. by Paul Morrell



Royal Norfolks in Far East 

Royal Norfolks in Far East - The Royal Norfolks were to become part of one of the biggest blunders in Britains military history. Three battalions were to be destroyed if not in battle but in the aftermath as Japanese prisoners of war.

by Ron Taylor



Royal Norfolks 

Royal Norfolks in Kohima, (2nd Battalion, Royal Norfolks) - The 2nd Royal Norfolks flew from Calcutta to Dimapur in Assam, a distance of 600 miles, and on April 10th, 1944 set out for the relief of Kohima.

by Tim Carew

Taken from his book  Royal Norfolk Regiment



Royal Norfolks 

Royal Norfolks in Kohima (Frederick Collisonīs Story) - Born 1920 Frederick Collison served with the 2nd Battalion in India and fought for GPT Ridge in one of the bloodiest battles against the Japanese, the battle took place at Kohima.

By Ron Taylor & Peter Collison


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