World War Two



Black Watch 

Black Watch 1939-45

The Wartime Memory Project - Black Watch during WW2



Black Watch 

Black Watch WW2 History



Cars, Tanks and Airplanes of WWII 

Cars, Tanks and Airplanes of WWII - by Addison and John



Ait Force Memories 

Air Force Memories

Everyone has a story, and those who flew in World War II are no exception. I flew with the 368 Squadron, 306 Bomb Group, on my first tour in the 8th Air Force.



World War 2 

USA World War 2 Links

Death or Glory 

US Pirate Storm - Death or Glory



Brandon at War 

Brandon at War

Includes details of the Suffolk´s during WWII



Coldstream Guards 

Coldstream Guards



Encoded Communications of World War II 

Encoded Communications of World War II 

Important People of World War II

If you did a people search looking for the major players in the war, 16 people would stand out for their influence on the history of World War II. Link sent in by Sarah.



Phils WW2 

Phil's WWII Pages

These pages can only show a tiny part of the complete history. If, however, they inspire even one person to read further, then I can consider the effort worthwhile. As William Shirer quotes at the beginning of his excellent book "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" the philosopher, Santayana, reminds us that.



World War II 

World War Two

Sixty years since the end of WW2, we're gathering your stories and memories from the frontline as well as the home front. The site is run by the BBC. 



World War II POWs 

PoWs WW2

BBC Peoples War







Africa Files 

Africa Files

Italy Declared War - Italy declared war on Britain and France on the 10th. Two weeks later France was out of the war. Still on the 10th, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and South Africa declared war on Italy.




Battle of Britain




Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary

Commemorating the history of the Battle of Britain



Their Finest Hour 

Their Finest Hour

Winston Churchill Speeches




The Battle of Britain 1940

About the Battle of Britain










D-Day - The Invasion of Normandy




The War of a Green Howard 1939-1945



Louis Creton farm - La Paradis 

Louis Creton farm - La Paradis

When the Totenkopf was advancing towards Merville, an isolated pocket of resistance from some British troops held up the advance they eventually surrendered due to their ammunition supply running out. It was at this time that the British raised the white flag to surrender. The Germans came forward to dis-arm them but someone opened fire on them.






North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Austria



British Soldier Remembers 

A British Soldier Remembers

This site is dedicated to the WWII experiences of Troop Sergeant Ronald Tee of the 56th Recce Regiment, 78th Battleaxe Division. Ron Remembers - North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Austria.





Jack Linder Cull 

Jack Linder Cull

Born 14th of August 1921, joined the British Territorial Army in Southampton on the 6th of Sept. 1938 (army no.2575857).





My Dads Story 

World War II - My Dad's Story

This website chronicles my father's experiences during World War II. My dad's name is Michael and he was born in Eastern Poland and fought in Italy as a member of the Second Polish Corps. My dad told me his experiences, and I wrote the entire story down in a first person point of view.




Holland & Belgium



Dads War 

Dad's War

Finding and Telling Your Father's World War II Story.









B.Duncan WWII Experiences 

B.Duncan's WWII Experiences in the U.S. Marines

My name is Basil D. Duncan. I am a Marine Veteran of the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II. For the most part, I served with the Fourth Marine Division and, specifically, as a member of the 1st Joint Assault Signal Co. This Company was made up of specially-trained infantry communications personnel assigned as teams to the different Regimental Combat Teams -- the 23rd, 24th, and 25th.



Hard Way Back 

Hard Way Back

This is a memorial for my father Frank Hoeffer, who was in the Bataan Death March and a prisoner of war for 42 months in WW2. He survived the horrendous treatment of the Japanese as a prisoner of war. God help us if this ever happens to another human being ever again.





William Trewhella Paull 

William Trewhella Paull

A U.S. Marine in the Pacific Theater during WWII. He retired from the USMC as a Captain. The story is written to include our family heritage and reflections of the past.






Far East



Fepow Fepow Community  

Fepow Community - A web memorial to those who were Japanese Prisoners of War in WWII. The Fepow´s Story



Lest We Forget: The Railway of Death  

Lest We Forget: The Railway of Death by Fred Seiker

As a young man Fred was captured by the Japanese in the Far East and suffered as a prisoner of war on the notorious Thai-Burma railroad. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of VJ Day, Fred mounted a special exhibition of his water-colour paintings depicting the atrocities which he personally endured or witnessed as a prisoner on the infamous "railway of death" during world war two. It was a very moving exhibition which Fred mounted in memory of the many men who died on the railway and in the hope that such atrocities would never be repeated.



Private 5776807 

Private 5776807

The following chapters are taken from a diary and letters of a young man in his late teens and early twenties. When writing down his thoughts he didn't think them to be spectacular, but from the time he went to fight for his country his life changed and it will take longer then his lifetime for the memories to fade. - Death Railway



Singapore 50th Anniversary 

Singapore WW2 50th Anniversary

Fifty years ago, on 15 August 1945, World War II ended with the defeat of Japan by the Allied powers.






Societies & Institutions



Institute on WW2 

Institute on WW2 and the Human Exprerience:

Help save the personal legacy of World War II. The experiences and memorabilia of those who served in the armed forces and defence industries--so often discarded--is a valuble part of this nation's history.



Regiments & Corps of the British Army 

Regiment & Corps of the British Army



Royal British Legion 

Royal British Legion



the Second World War Experience Centre 

Second World War Experience Centre, The

Our mission is to collect, document, preserve, exhibit and encourage access to the surviving material evidence and associated information of the men and women who participated in the war in whatever capacity whether military, civilian or conscientious objector.






Military Books



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Britain at War


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